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Basic of Web Programming:

Also known as client-side web programming

Client-side Web Programming: How to start?

If you are looking forward to learn web programming, you should start with the client-side programming first. It is called 'client-side' because the application that translates (or compiles) the code is your browser (i.e. client's browser).

Step 1 - HTML: Language of Tags and Attributes

Then to start with client-side programming you should start off by learning HyperText Markup Language (HTML). Almost everything that you learn in HTML is about tags and their attributes.

Step 2 - CSS: Language of Properties and Values

Then you need to learn the formatting of the page using Cascading Style Sheeting (CSS) language. This language is all about knowing the right properties and values for the styling.

Step 3 - JavaScript: The actual programming language

After having some knowledge about the first two (HTML and CSS), you can then proceed to learning JavaScript that is used to control the HTML (the content) and the CSS (the format). You don't have to wait to master the two before going to JavaScript.

Learning Mode in this site

In this site we will design the information web programming to suit a wide range of audience: from novice to expert, from undergraduate to doctorate.

It will consist of description and near raw information of the language for the experts and some tutorials, and examples for the novice.